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Koh Phangan Fullmoon Party

Biggest moon party in the world , Fullmoon dates

The famous Koh Phangan fullmoon party that attracts around 10,000-20,000 people every month from all over the world.Every fullmoon there is a massive party on a beach called Had Rin Nok with all types of music from Techno, Goa, Drum n' Bass, Dub, Reggae and House to get you in the mood to party the night away to early hours of the morning.Drinks and food are availble all night at various locations across the beach or at the many beach bars...

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On Had Rin Nok beach, on the South-East of Koh Phangan island in the Suratthani province. It can be reached by speed boat from Koh Samui during the party. If you are on the Island it can be reached by road which does get very busy during the party, Best option is either by boat from Samui or Taxi from anywhere on Phangan Island.

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Drinks & Food
Many local spirits are availabe if you prefer beer why not try some of the Thai beers on offer Singha, Chang and Koster to name a few.Other beers are most often availible like brand names such as Heineken, Tiger, Corona etc.. All availible at the many bars and restaurants along the beach.Non-alcoholic drinks like fruit shakes, fruit juices and soft drinks are always availible as well.

If you like dancing the night away dont forget to drink lots of water so you dont end up dehydrated in these warm temperatures.Food like delicious Thai traditional food ,Pasta, burgers, pizza's, salads, soups etc. can all be found on and around the beach at the restaurants and food stalls. Prices are most of the time reasonable.

Party Dates?
Every fullmoon.
Dates are known to change if there is a buddhist holiday during a fullmoon.

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Taxis are available most the night, try to travel in groups when returning to your hotel or bungalow it can work out cheaper..

Boats can be taken back to Koh Samui or to differant parts of the coast of Koh Phangan.
There are boats leaving Koh Samui several times daily from Big Buddha Pier (Bang Rak) and Maenam. Book your ferry tickets in any of the travel agency's on the island, or on the pier. You can also go by a speed-boat from the Bo Phut or Maenam piers on the North of Koh Samui.

WARNING TIPS - The fullmoon party is known to be a safe place but we would like you to keep in mind some of our health and safety tips:-

Do not bring valubles to the fullmoon beach party.Use a safe depost box in your hotel or resort.Thousands of people decend on to this beach and it would be very very difficult to catch a theif.

Stay away from Drugs - What ever happens do not except or handle drugs.People might try to sell them too you.DRUGS are ILLEGAL in Thailand and very strong PENALTIES are given.

There are undercover police officers at the party. Our suggestion is to stay away from any drugs.

Wear good sandals or shoes on the beach. Many empty bottles end up on the beach and sometimes end up broken.Walking round with bare feet on a fullmoon party is not advised!!

The Fullmoon party on the beach of Had Rin in Koh Phahgan ends up like a trash can from the party. Authorities will act in the future too put a stop to this fullmoon party if it continues.Act Now so the party lives on.Keep the beaches clean.

Try to avoid riding a motorbike after drinking, the road from Haad Rin to Baan Tai is very dangerous road with very steep hills. Not a good road to ride after drinking.

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Drink, dance and have fun under the moonlight at the biggest fullmoon party in the workd ;) Enjoy the party.

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